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Faucet Mount Water Filter
Faucet Mount Water Filter
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Faucet Water Filter

The Crystal Quest® Faucet Mount Water Filter is the most advanced filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water from your tap.

  • The only leading brand with 5 stages of filtration.
  • Ingenious space-saving design that allows easy access to your sink at all times
  • Easy to install and use, attractive and convenient.
  • Water passes through pre and post one-micron filter pads which remove suspended particles such as silt, sediment, cysts (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt, and other undissolved matter.
  • ERA-6500 and ERA 9500 reduces iron mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, cadium, aluminum, lead and other dissolved metals and hyroogen sulfide and inhibits bacterial growth, algae, fungi, scale and other microorganisms.
  • GAC Reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odors, pesticides (lindane, atrazine, and 2,4-D)and chemicals that are linked to cancer risk (benzene, THMs and toxaphene).
  • Provides 2,000 gallons of quality water

Available in white, black and chrome

Availability - usually ships in 3-5 business days

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